"Today’s economy is driven by innovation, and when we talk about nations and their competitiveness,
we are increasingly recognizing the importance of small businesses and entrepreneurs." - Karen Mills

Politico Magazine's What Works Series
Growth and Shared Prosperity

Sept. 29, 2015 - Karen Mills joins Politico Magazine Editor Garrett Graff and U.S. Department of Education's Delegated Deputy Secretary John B. King Jr. for a What Works discussion on how cross-sector collaboration can drive success in addressing issues related to shared prosperity and economic growth. With the Sept. 28 release of the report Growth and Shared Prosperity from Harvard Business School, Karen shares insights from a convening she co-chaired at HBS of more than 70 leaders from across business, government, labor, academia, and media. The convening focused on tangible solutions and best practices across a range of areas -- from skills training and pre-K through 12 education to entrepreneurship and infrastructure investment -- to answer the question of "How can our nation continue to remain competitive while also providing a path to prosperity for more citizens?"

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