2017-03 Lectures that Last (2)
November 2, 2017
Can We Reach Small Business Lending Utopia?
Source Media Digital Lending and Investing Conference
New York, NY


July 18, 2017
Is Short-Termism Killing the American Innovation Engine?
National Bureau of Economic Research Summer Institute
Boston, MA


May 11, 2017
Fintech and Washington: Defining the Future of Small Business Lending
PayNet Executive Banking Forum
Chicago, IL


Feb. 23, 2017
Leading in Uncertain Times
Harvard Lectures that Last Series
Boston, MA


Dec. 8, 2016
Walk Through That Doorway of Opportunity…But Be Sure to Reach Back
Keynote Remarks to the Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute
Portland, ME


Nov. 9, 2016
What Impact will the 2016 Presidential Election have on Small Business Lending?
American Banker‘s 2016 Small Business Banking Conference
Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Feb. 26, 2014
Why investing in America’s infrastructure will help our small businesses grow right now and keep them competitive for the future
2014 America on the Move Summit at the Harvard Business School
Cambridge, MA